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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

How the Atonement Saves Dying Infants

QUESTION: Show with Bible proofs how the Atonement saves dying infants.

ANSWER: The Bible shows the fact of infant salvation, not the "how." "Jesus... by the grace of God tasteth death for every man" (Heb. 1:9). "Therefore, as by the offense of one, judgment came upon all men to condemnation, even some by the righteousness of one, the free gift came upon all men unto justification, of life." (Rom. 5:18). The sin of Adam and the merits of Christ are pronounced, to be co-extensive. The free gift exempts the whole human race from the punishment of Adam's sin. Infants have no sins, no guilt of their own. Hence there is no ground for their "sentence to the easiest room in hell," as tender hearted Calvinists used to say. Heaven is the only place appropriate for their abode. Adults have sins of their own which are conditionally covered by Christ's free gift. Faith in Christ is the condition. John 3:16, "whosoever believeth." The sin of which the paraclete convicts the world is "because they believe not on me," said Christ. Infants are incapable of this sin. Hence, "He that believeth not shall be damned," does not apply to them. The poet represents Christ as tenderly saying:

"Death may the bands of life unloose,
But can't dissolve my love,
Millions of infant souls compose
The family above."

Steele's Answers pp 155, 156.

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