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Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Methodist Love Feast

QUESTION: Is the Methodist Love Feast scriptural?

ANSWER: It is a revival or restoration of the Agapae (Greek: "loves") spoken of in II Pet. 2:13, Jude 12, the abuse of which is severely censured by Paul (I Cor. 11:20-22). It was a feast after the Lord's Supper expressing and fostering mutual love. The wealthy members provided the banquet, of which all partook, the rich and the poor mingling together. It was grossly abused at Corinth, some eating gluttonously and others partaking of too much wine, thus neutralizing the beneficial effect of the proper celebration of Eucharist. Chrysostom says it was "a custom most beautiful and most beneficial; for it was a supporter of love, a solace of poverty, a moderator of wealth, and a discipline of humility." Because of irregularities it became obsolete after several centuries. It was revived by the Moravians, followed by the Wesleyans.

Steele's Answers p. 242.

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