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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Taking Questions During the Sermon

QUESTION: Would it not add much interest to the hearers of sermons and greatly increase their number if they were permitted to interrupt the preacher by asking questions as Christ allowed his disciples and others to do, and as our missionaries in Asia do now allow in their street preaching?

ANSWER: It would probably increase the number of hearers, but diminish the number of preachers. None but the quick-witted, like the cosmopolitan evangelist, William Taylor, could stand it. Young preachers especially would be confused when there were fired at them such stock conundrums as "Where did Cain get his wife?" "Locate the Garden of Eden." "Explain the origin of sin." Then, again, the reverence of our public worship would be greatly damaged, if not destroyed, as it is in our Sunday schools. Yet it would have some advantages. It would promote extemporaneous preaching, banish the manuscript, and stop the mouths of those who sneeringly say; "The pulpit is the coward's castle."

Steele's Answers p. 241.

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