This blog gains its name from the book Steele's Answers published in 1912. It began as an effort to blog through that book, posting each of the Questions and Answers in the book in the order in which they appeared. I began the project on Dec. 10, 2011. I completed it on July 11, 2015. Along the way, I began to also post snippets from Dr. Steele's other writings — and from some other holiness writers of his times. I still do that every once in a while.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Partakers of the Divine Nature?

QUESTION: In what sense are regenerated persons partakers of the Divine nature?

ANSWER: This is another figure for denoting a moral likeness to God. They who have Christian love, holiness, justice, and truth have a nature like God's nature. To insist that they literally have his nature is to insist that they are gods. Many difficulties are surmounted and many errors are avoided by the exercise of reason in discriminating between the literal and the metaphorical in the Holy Scriptures.

— from Steele's Answers p. 45.

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