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Monday, June 8, 2015

Delivering Milk on Sunday

QUESTION: Am I committing sin by delivering milk on the Lord's day, having several poor families with infants whose fathers are too poor to take ice. (2) Is it wrong to give my cows brewers' grain?

ANSWER: I have for many years told my milkman that he need not leave milk at my home on Sunday, because I do not wish to take his day of rest away from others. He must, however, milk his cows and take care of the milk in some other way, which may cost him more time and labor than the delivery of it. It may be regarded a work of necessity and, in the case of the infants, a work of mercy also. I will not dogmatize but leave it to the conscience of the milkman. (2) The objection to brewery grain feeding is two-fold, it helps a bad business and it makes milk of an inferior quality, it is said. I do not say it is a sin.

Steele's Answers p. 262.

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